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The market has just opened up but there are not enough VCs in India focusing on this market. The focus areas for the fund to invest in includes fiat-to-digital assets gateway solutions, trading platforms, payment and remittance solutions, digital asset wallets, stablecoins, decentralized finance, decentralized applications etc.

But the fund is "flexible with the holding period. This is not about getting an instant exit. We are also open to acquiring startups," said Shetty. The fund is also exploring backing venture funds as limited partners who are looking at the crypto market in India.

Shetty is hoping to back at least startups in a year depending on the quality of startups while the entire fund deployment would like to stretch from three to five years unless the ecosystem really booms and there are more startups to invest in less time. For any unexpected regulatory uncertainty, "we will tackle it as it happens ahead.

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wazir yahoo review

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Wazir Movie Review - Farhan AKhtar, Amitabh Bachchan, Aditi Rao Hydari

Financial Express 17 March Recently Viewed Your list is empty. What to read next. Financial Express. Yahoo Finance Video. Yahoo Finance.Direction: Ravi Udyawar. This is an intriguing tale of how a brutal assault affects the family and, specifically, the mother.

In her th film, Sridevi exhibits her craft with flourish — her versatility as an actress is at display. You see her broken and vulnerable one moment, vindictive and ruthless the next. The veteran actor was once the best in the business and even in her 50 th year in the industry, she commands exemplary screen presence.

You flinch with her when she is in pain and you want to see the perpetrators perish when she is devising their end. Sajal Ali plays the daughter with aplomb.

It is heartbreaking to see a feisty, rebellious girl transform into this subdued person with a vacant look in her eyes. The movie lays bare the disturbing truth that young girls in our cities are essentially defenseless. Yet again, the classy Nawazuddin Siddiqui bolsters the second half. His is an understated performance and yet its look and portrayal stays with you much after you have left the theatre.

When you first see Nawazuddin on screen, you are not entirely sure of his leanings — should you even trust this character? There seems to be something inherently shifty about him, but as the plot progresses he comes across, rather naturally, as the most dependable alibi. Akshaye Khanna is back on the big screen with a meaty part. To be frank, I found his volte-face a little difficult to comprehend.

I am sure there will be questions about vigilantism as an alternative recourse to seek justice. But what are the options really at hand when you are let down by the system despite incriminating evidence against the perpetrators of a heinous crime? Like I said, I would have preferred a more seminal end for such an engaging story.

Did you like the film? Please do let us know your views on Twitter and Facebook. You can connect with author on Twitter. Lifestyle Home. Follow us.

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Movies with Rummana 20 July What to read next. Yahoo Style UK. Harper's Bazaar. Elle Decor. Associated Press. Yahoo Lifestyle SEA.

Wazir ‘HONEST’ Review By Darshana: More Of A Tearjerker And Less Of A Thriller

Yahoo News Singapore. Yahoo Movies UK. Coconuts Singapore. The Wrap.Vir Das and Ranvir Shorey share the dark secrets of who all figure on the list of people they would kill. The actor is currently in Barcelona, Spain. TV actress Surbhi Jyoti has been part of several popular shows but has steered clear of reality shows so far.

In an exclusive chat with us, the actress revealed why she is not comfortable with reality shows. The process was clinical, but the experience was nonetheless emotional.

The next time I forced my eyelids open by the slightest of margins to squint at my phone screen, Murray was in a decider at two sets all. The tennis gods were seemingly once again conspiring against the then year-old. India's biggest India's biggest designers are busy making masks to shoo away the fatal virus that has brought the world to a standstill.

wazir yahoo review

Joining hands against Coronavirus, the design gurus are busy meshing their burning passion for fashion with functionality and the result is - gorgeous medical quality masks. As Colors' popular show, Balika Vadhu is all set to be re-telecast on television, Shashank Vyas, who played Jagya on the show, shares his fondest memories exclusively with SpotboyE.

During the conversation, Vivek Dahiya revealed the reason why he is always clean-shaven. Here are pictures of TV actress Krystle D'souza, where the lady has raised the bar and looked absolutely stunning.

She is biting her nails and wondering if she has made the right moves, so far. Divyanka Tripathi has a very calm and composed personality but if you rub her the wrong way, she can get tough too. The actress during a LIVE chat narrated an incident where she slapped a guy for eve-teasing. This news surely serves as a delight for all the fans where they all look forward to connecting with the superstar, getting more insights into his life.

In the upcoming episode of 9XM SoundcastE, the popular musician Amit Trivedi talks to host Eva Bhatt about his beliefs, his approach towards making music and his creative discipline as an artist.

Sonu Sood, we need more like you! The Dabangg actor sent out a truck full of food to Malad, yesterday. Here's a look at the photoshoots of your favourite celebrities that ooze hotness…. Shreya Dhanwanthary directs a new micro-series during the lockdown.

Marathi cinema's popular actress, dancer, host, and fashionista Prajakta Mali took us on a trip down memory lane. Kranti Redkar says what we all have been thinking as she misses the chaos of the city. Shekhar Suman's son Adhyayan Suman is going all out this time, in his capable capacity, to ensure that the hungry people and animals on the roads don't go hungry in the current times of COVID Mridul Deb became instantly famous on social media as Cha Kaku.

There were memes on him. Meanwhile, the actress is ensuring all the supply of all essential goods in her constituency. I spoke to the lovebirds, they narrated their love story- how they met and even who said 'I love you' first! The actress is currently taking everyone by surprise as she shares scintillating hot throwback pictures. Celebrities urged fans to stay at home and celebrate the festival in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. The lockdown in the country has been extended until May 3.

Ridhima Ghosh made her acting debut from a television serial Bou Kotha Kao. She made her film debut in Friend in She married to actor Gaurav Chakrabarty in On the occasions of the film completing 10 years, Pooja shared the throwback poster from the film.Bollywood action thrillers are often compared with Hollywood for their meagre style of execution and some very vague thrills.

But from a director like Bejoy Nambiar, it is obvious to expect the preeminent. However, what we forget is, Bejoy too belongs to Bollywood, and he too can tend to get corny and cheesy at times. Read on to know more. After Ruhaana leaves him alone, Danish tries to commit suicide, but survives and meets paralysed Panditji Amitabh Bachchan. The two, bond over a game of chess and what follows next is a turn of events with twists.

The actor knows the camera and loves it in every way and we in return love him in every scene. He takes our hearts away in the scene where he remembers his dead wife and the climax too belongs to him completely. How he does it is beyond our imagination. Farhan Akhtar, on the other hand, is of great support to Big B and does manage to leave a mark for himself as well.

He maintains the passion and intense look that is needed for his character, throughout the film. Aditi Rao Hydari looks ravishing, but does not get much scope to show her prowess. Neil Nitin Mukesh is brooding as Wazir and it was a refreshing to see him back in an impactful avatar after long. Manav Kaul is an actor with some expertise. The actor gives a power-packed performance. However, the movie sure lacks impulsiveness. How much ever Bejoy tries to make it unpredictable, we kind of figure out what is gonna happen next in a lot of scenes.

Climax however is extremely intriguing and stays with you. The first half is fast paced, but the movie slows down around the interval and becomes tedious in the emotional scenes. The screenplay looses track in the second half, but gains momentum by the climax. The chess sequences are kept interesting and a few twists here and there sure add some weight to the plot.

wazir yahoo review

The music is good and the songs stick with you. On a whole, the movie is intelligent in parts and flaunts some amazing performances by the star cast. Had it been some other director, I would have loved the film, but with Bejoy, it is obligatory to anticipate more and this time, I am left thwarted.

Lifestyle Home. Follow us. Coronavirus All the latest news on how India is fighting the pandemic. GossipTicket 7 January What to read next. The Quint. Yahoo Lifestyle.Direction: Bejoy Nambiar. The intensity of this revenge saga seems a tad diluted by the rest of the happenings.

They seem completely connected having suffered the plight - their friendship is as binding as much as it is liberating for the both of them. It is the obligation that Daanish feels towards Panditji that makes this story intriguing. Where we could have done with quick resolution, a superfluous romantic number just slackens the pace of the narrative. Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar are both in top form and make the film immensely watchable. A film like this needed the director a tight grip on the screenplay, faster cuts and a pace that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Even with a runtime of less than two hours, the film feels too long for a thriller. Did you like the film? Lifestyle Home. Follow us. Coronavirus All the latest news on how India is fighting the pandemic. Movies with Rummana 8 January What to read next. The Quint. Yahoo Lifestyle. Yahoo News.

Financial Express. The Indian Express. HuffPost India. Yahoo India Lifestyle Videos.The former is an ATS officer who learns the complicated moves of chess and life from latter, who is disabled in the body but alive in the mind. Who wins, the evil or the good? What is the colour of friendship when built in peculiar circumstances?

The film opens with soft shades of romance and love. However it is short lived as tragedy strikes due to a reckless move by the ATS officer. The film from here goes on to explore his pathos caused due to his personal loss, guilt and suspension from duty, making it a tear jerker till the interval.

Yahoo Movies Review: Wazir

What keeps you going is the intriguing characters of grieving fathers played brilliantly by Akhtar and Amitabh. The game of chess that metaphorically keeps drawing reference from life and the way both bond over it is interesting. The playful dialogues delivered by Amitabh in his baritone voice with a mysterious smile and a fading twinkle in the eyes, too keep you absorbed. Even the expressions portrayed by Akhtar who in the middle of confusion and pain finds his calling, are commendable.

Though the story turns around after the interval, the predictable plot makes it lukewarm. One keeps waiting for it to turn into a thriller but alas it just does not happen easily. Finally when a couple of action scenes give you a hope, the mushy intervention when Danish and his wife are trying to get back after the tragedydoes not let the momentum build up. However the climax though slightly predictable as it has been used in several films, does give you some satisfaction of having watched a thriller.

The dancer wife played by Aditi Rao Hydari, who has an enigmatic smile and cheerful persona, the chess-dance sequence and some songs there are too many in the first half!! One surely wishes that there were more opportunities for the stalwarts to build a crescendo of their acting talent which has not happened. The camera work is impressive but the script and direction lose its vision, making it lame.

All in all, except for the acting, Wazir fails to impress. It is an experimental stint which neither entertains nor create a deep impact. Lifestyle Home. Follow us. Coronavirus All the latest news on how India is fighting the pandemic.

GossipTicket 7 January What to read next. The Quint. Yahoo Lifestyle. Yahoo News. Financial Express. The Indian Express. HuffPost India. Yahoo India Lifestyle Videos.Posted by Dave Sep 18, Service Reviews 2. Heard of the new subscription service, Yahoo Finance Premium?

This new service builds on the well known Yahoo Finance and is made for retail investors. With portfolio management and more, is Yahoo Finance Premium worth the price premium? Read our thorough review to find out the truth. Yahoo Finance Premium is a new subscription service from Yahoo that builds on the features and data available in the extraordinarily popular Yahoo Finance platform.

Yahoo Finance Premium specifically targets retail investors who want to take their trading and investing to the next level. The platform offers advanced technical chartingportfolio management, live trading, and a large volume of expert stock analysis. First-time users can try out the platform for free for 28 days.

Keep in mind that the standard version of Yahoo Finance remains free. The Premium platform adds advanced technical analysis features to the charts already available in Yahoo Finance, as well as advanced portfolio analytics and fair value analysis for stocks. Yahoo Finance Premium also adds third-party stock research to your dashboard and removes ads from your Finance experience.

Traders can create an unlimited number of portfolios within Yahoo Finance and update them with active holdings to track performance. Diving into more detail, Premium users can see at a glance whether their holdings are overvalued, undervalued, or fairly valued, and get an idea of the overall volatility of their portfolio. Users can also create custom data views, although these views primarily aggregate information that is available to free Yahoo Finance users.

One of the more interesting features of Yahoo Finance Premium is the investment ideas. Instead, the investment ideas are based on technical movements in stocks and analyst ratings. The platform automatically sends stocks that have shown technical pattern formation to your investment ideas feeds, along with estimates for the short-term or long-term price movement expected based on the recognized pattern.

The design of the investment ideas interface is what makes it so useful. From there, you can jump to research reports or load a technical chart to view the pattern for yourself. On any given day, there are tens of thousands of investment ideas listed.

You can search for specific stocks or use a set of basic filters for sector or rating, but it can be quite hard to make the investment ideas feed manageable. The articles that appear on the blog are very good at highlighting stocks to watch, as well as opportunities around specific stocks or industries. Premium members get access to far more advanced technical charts than those available to free Yahoo Finance users. The technical charts are surprisingly good, with around indicator overlays and the ability to compare multiple stocks or indices on a single chart.

One of the unique features is that you can also overlay corporate events other than dividends and earnings reports, such as corporate deals, leadership changes, and financing and product announcements.

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