Cronus zen gamepacks

Getting to this point in the guide shows you have successfully completed the single most important step when starting your Cronus journey, by updating the firmware on your Cronus Zen to the latest version. This also demonstrates that your Zen hardware, USB cables, USB Ports and ability to follow technical instructions is on the money and not something you have to worry about. You have the latest version of Zen Studio installed, your controller is connected and working without any issues and everything is golden.

So what next? If this is your first time jumping into the world of gaming mods, it's probably a little daunting and overwhelming. Well, you're not wrong. It can be a bit much if you don't know what you are doing, and it's probably driving you crazy playing against other guys online only to get crushed over and over, you just want to get in there and game on the same level as they are. You have no idea what Scripts or GamePacks are and it's all a bit confusing, right?

Let's make it easy for you. What's important to know is that MODs built with a Cronus is not hacking. There's no manipulation of the game's code and there's nothing that you can do that is not already allowed on a controller. It takes complete command over every possible output from your controller - and that's what it manipulates in memory, not the game itself.

By using the GPC scripting language it's then possible to achieve some pretty fun stuff that not only makes your gaming a little easier and probably less frustrating, but also a lot more enjoyable too. A MOD can be a sequence of controller events that can really improve your gaming experience. It could be something as simple as Auto Sprint, where normally you have to push the left stick down and forward all the way and hold it there to be able to run at full speed - but with a MOD, you can simply touching your left stick forward, even just a little bit, and it will tell the game that you are pushing your stick down and forward all the way, and your character will permanently run.

Or you may have a semi-auto weapon that you have to keep pressing the right trigger hard and fast to get any kind of action - but with a MOD you can set a hair trigger so that the weapon fires with just the absolute slightest amount of touch and then have it fire rounds at a much greater speed than you ever thought possible.

Then it can get really complex with Anti-Recoil or Aim-Assist type MODs that use in-game rumble frequency to determine exactley how to adjust your weapon and its interaction with other players in real-time. That's when it gets really saucy and fun. MODs can be delivered into two ways, by an actual script where you have the full source code at your disposal, ideal for those who have experience with scripts or some level of coding, or if you have absolutely no scripting experience, no coding knowledge and it all completely goes over your head, for you, we make GamePacks.

GamePacks are a handpicked selection of favorite pre-configured MODs, built by expert gamers from the awesome Cronus Community and also by members of the Collective Minds development team marked as [PRO]. They are available to download directly in the Zen Studio software, and include the GamePack Configuration Interface or GCI as we call itwhich gives easy access to each MOD and the ability to activate them with a simple click, along with multiple options that you will eventually be familiar with as you become comfortable with your MOD playing style.

Open Zen Studio, click on the Programmer tab, then simply select the GamePack you want from the list on the right and drag it to an empty memory slot. Once programmed to the Zen, there's an advanced menu system displayed on Zen's OLED Message Screen that gives you direct access to each MOD option and adjustable values such as speed and power while you are playing the game, in real-time without being connected to a computer. Each will have their own instructions and methods of operation. All are different so we recommend you read any notes and instructions which are usually in the header of the script.

If you need further help you can click on the Authors name and contact them directly through the Cronus Community. We are unable to provide any direct support for scripts as they are built and maintained by members of the Cronus Community.

If you are using any script, make sure you know how it works, how to set it up and how to use it.Enter the Email associated with your account, then click Submit. We'll email you a link to a page where you can easily create a new password. We're working hard to meet huge demand for Cronus Zen, however the COVID epidemic has unfortunatley restricted the output capacity of our factory. There are several production batches in progress and each is a fixed amount of product, so once one batch has sold out, the shipping schedule will then move to the next batch.

To see which batch your pre-order will be in, simply check your order number against the current schedules below:.


Dates are when the product is scheduled to arrive out our warehouse subject to change - always check here for the latest schedule. You will be emailed as soon as your order is being prepared for shipment along with a tracking number.

cronus zen gamepacks

Drop shipping is strictly prohibited and will be cancelled automatically. Full payment is taken once the order is made to secure the allocation of stock.

No part-shipments are available - order will ship only once all items are in stock. Applicable only to orders made on the shop. Cronus Zen is a breakthrough device founded on the rich legacy of the award-winning CronusMAX devices, universally recognized as the definitive controller adapter.

Zen moves that legacy forward, giving the gamer the most powerful platform on the market, allowing advanced crossover platform gaming technology, unparalleled keyboard and mouse precision, combined with unsurpassed MOD scripting capability of combos and macros with the new Zen Studio software. Cronus Zen unleashes the true power of your controller, unlocking more features than ever before.

It also converts your controller into a fully loaded war machine without installing any chips or wires and DOES NOT void your warranty.


Cronus Zen allows the use of your favorite licensed gaming controller on all major gaming platforms, including all versions of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, and Xbox There is additional support for Windows PC and it's also possible to connect to devices such as Android and Raspberry Pi. Zen also empowers the gamer with the ability to mix and match different devices to give you freedom over your playstyle. Analog stick control support is also included for player movement combined with the high fidelity of a gaming mouse, as well as support for using a controller alongside a keypad - where each and every key can be programmed with any number of scripts or MODS at the touch of a button.

Get the edge in FPS games with advanced controller to mouse conversion with no lag. The Cronus Zen detects as a controller, so no segmented lobbies - compete head to head directly with other controller users. Unlock the full potential of your controller with our powerful GPC scripting language, which gives both beginners and advanced users the ability to run millions of possible MOD combinations on a controller without special chips or soldering.Zen Studio is the software that gives full control over your Zen hardware with multiple levels of configuration, as well as easy access to advanced mods, scripts, and macros, a powerful and fully upgraded GPC script compiler, and a huge range of pre-configured GamePacks with the latest mods for the latest games.

Direct access to our GPC Script library, which contains thousands of free, ready to use scripts for the very latest games. Easy to setup with a fully-featured OLED menu system. Monitor input and output data in real-time.

cronus zen gamepacks

Extra functionality with pre-installed plugins. Easily configure your mouse and keyboard for advanced controller to mouse precision with no lag. Easy access to all available settings to make sure you spend less time configuring your Cronus Zen and more time gaming.

Get fast, direct access to thousands of free, ready to use scripts for the very latest games. Includes search and filter functionality including the ability to speak directly to the script developer. Zen Studio features a complete development environment with integrated compiler for the new Zen GPC scripting language. Complete with debugging facilities, an input translator, macro recorder and built-in script publishing interface which allows you to post scripts directly to the Cronus GPC Library.

We have teamed up with the best game scripting experts in the Cronus Community to bring you a range of pre-configured MODs and exploits for the very latest games. Get the edge in FPS games with advanced controller to mouse conversion with no lag. The Cronus Zen detects as a controller, so no segmented lobbies — and you also get the ability to mix and match different devices to give you freedom over your playstyle. Analog-stick control support and is included for player movement combined with the high fidelity of a Mouse.

Used correctly, you will smoke everyone in sight! You can also change the shape and size of your sticks as well as the sensitivity in both triggers. These are a specific set of remaps and sensitivity adjustments that can be loaded on to one of the Zen Memory Slots. The MAX Combo plugin automates the creation of combo sequences by accurately reading the controller inputs and converting this data directly into GPC code without any scripting knowledge.

The MAX Rec plugin records any sequence of commands that you perform on the controller and then reproduce this sequence any time you want. For some kinds of games this feature is incredibly useful. For example, you may wish to help a friend finish a Guitar Hero song on an extremely difficult level. With MAX Rec You can record the sequence of commands while playing Guitar Hero and then send the file to your friend, he can then use the MAX Rec plugin to load the file and reproduce the sequence that you created.

For some kinds of games, this feature is incredibly useful.Once the GamePack is programmed to your Zen, select the correct memory slot by pressing the P1 button which is the blue button to the right of the OLED screen - you will see the logo of the GamePack with instructions how to enter the Gamepack Menu System. Cronus Zen User Guide. Cronus Shop. Cronus Community. GPC Library.

cronus zen gamepacks

GPC Guide. Discover Cronus Zen. Quick Start. Step 1: Update Firmware. Step 2: Setup Zen Studio. Step 3: Controller Setup. Gaming Systems. Xbox One. PlayStation 4. Nintendo Switch. Xbox PlayStation 3.

GAME Packs

Windows PC. Input Devices. Racing Wheels. Unsupported Devices. What is Authentication?To use this forum, your Cronus Zen must be registered and linked to your forum account in Zen Studio. All settings and feedback for the Anthem Zen GamePack can be found in here. All settings and feedback for the Battlefield 1 Zen GamePack can be found in here.

All settings and feedback for the Battlefield 3 Zen GamePack can be found in here. All settings and feedback for the Battlefield 4 Zen GamePack can be found in here. All settings and feedback for the Borderlands 3 Zen GamePack can be found in here. All settings and feedback for the Destiny 2 Zen GamePack can be found in here. A small selection of popular, and easy to use FPS mods that have been hand picked so that they work out of the box with very little configuration and setup.

Perfect for those who are just starting with GamePacks for the first time and want something easy to get the hang of. All settings and feedback for the Overwatch Zen GamePack can be found in here. All settings and feedback for the Spellbreak Zen GamePack can be found in here.

All settings and feedback for Warface: Breakout GamePack can be found in here. Use this control to limit the display of topics to those newer than the specified time frame. Note: when sorting by date, 'descending order' will show the newest results first. Remember Me? Topics 1 to 22 of Advanced Search. Apex Legends. Batman: Arkham Knight. Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 3. Battlefield 4. Battlefield V. Battlefield Hardline. Borderlands 3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.Be sure to check this page first before contacting the Cronus Support Center.

It's almost guaranteed that your issue and solution is listed here. This is the most common issue, but also the easiest one to resolve. Many users make the mistake of using the mini-USB cable to upgrade the firmware, which is for Zen Studio, not for Firmware upgrades. If your Cronus Zen is still not detected at this point, it's almost always one of these issues:. Bad micro-USB cable even brand new cables can be faulty, try another.

You are using Windows 7 and didn't install the driver patch See the Downloads page. Firmware version is displayed as 0.

If you are running a newer version of Zen Studio with an older firmware that is not compatible, you will see this warning popup telling you that you must update your firmware. If the Zen firmware version is showing as 0. If you get a Network Error it's usually caused by one of these:.

Not connected to the internet or your modem needs resetting. Your ISP is blocking access to our server. If you have tried all of the above solutions and still see this error in particular trying another USB cable or USB portit usually means there is a hardware fault that cannot be recovered and unfortunatley must be returned to your point of purchase for a replacement under its warranty.

We've built an Emergency Recovery system into Zen so that it's a simple process to get up and running again. Cronus is a community product, and we don't write these scripts, the community does - so we ask that you remember not to blame your Cronus hardware because it crashes when using a bad script.

The error code is part of a fail-safe to protect your Zen from corrupt code - it's telling you that the script is faulty and needs to be fixed. Note: Even though Zen supports all CronusMAX scripts, some still need to be converted speak to the author of the script if you think it needs updating. In the unlikelihood that your Cronus Zen will still not recover even after following the Emergency Recovery instructions, then there is a good chance it has developed a hardware fault and you need to return it to your point of purchase to get it replaced under its warranty.

If the Zen Studio software still says 'Device Disconnected' even though you have connected your Cronus Zen to your computer, it is because your device hasn't been updated to the latest firmwarethe mini-USB Cable is bad or the device is somehow corrupted and requires you to run the Emergency Recovery procedure. If this still doesn't work you may need to Update the Firmware. The solution is to delete the CronusZen folder which is located here:. If you have tested a different script or GamePack that caused the original issue and still getting the same error, you need to change the mini-USB cable or try a different PC as something is blocking communication between the computer and the Zen.

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